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Rambles about life [Mar. 14th, 2013|06:26 pm]
Hi all!
I'm sorry for my sudden update gaps. In some periods I get sudden inspiration and blogging-lust, and end up posting alot. But now I've come to that part again where I lack some motivation. I have alot to think about, and I don't want every entry on this blog to be me whining.

I want so badly to get back to dollying up everyday and posting outfits and things like that. It makes me really happy but some effort have to be put into that and I feel kinda... effortless. I have a bunch of new clothes I would love to use and show, but I guess I'm still kinda stuck going for the easiest and most comfortable solution. I think "Tomorrow I will doll up and plan a nice outfit!" but then the next day comes and I don't feel like that anymore.
Gah, I guess I've gotten sort of lazy and need to just snap out of it. Need to get back to my old habits! Looking like a slob makes me slob.

Anyway, so in the last post I mentioned something about a personal matter I wanted to ramble about, but it seems as I've forgotten what that was :swtdrop: But I think one of the things was that I finally went and got an appointment with a psychologist.
So today I went to see my psychologist for the first time, but he wasn't there. They had tried to call me, but you know me and phones... we don't go that well together. So it was my fault for not picking it up! I have a new appointment in April. I was kinda nervous before I went though. Will I be able to open up, will I even be able to express what I feel/felt and so on? Either way I didn't really care about being nervous, and tried to not think too much. I'm just so ready to take the final step so I can function normally.

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