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Ugly shoes are ugly - kaninmelodi ♪ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Ugly shoes are ugly [Feb. 24th, 2013|12:32 am]
To be honest I think my taste is really strange, sometimes I feel almost embarassed by my taste in certain things. For some reason I like things I think are ugly, especially ugly shoes.
My first obsession (and still on going) was with rocking horse shoes, then creepers, then chunky heels, then uggs, then flatforms, and so on. It's like a guilty pleasure.
But there are also alot of things I find ugly which I don't like, like croc shoes. I don't know how to explain it, but I guess certain things are ugly in a beautiful way? :rull:

For quite a while I've had a secret love for Moon Boots, although I've kinda tried to suppress it because, well, they are really ugly.
They've been around for a while, so I've seen them around since I was young and I've thought every time "Wow, I love those!" but then some party pooper comes along and says "Wow, they're so ugly I hate them!" and since a part of me agrees that they're ugly it must mean I don't like them, right? So I would never even think about purchasing them.

But alas, my secret love could not be restrained anymore!

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