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Selling some gyaru stuff! [Feb. 19th, 2013|10:22 pm]
As you might recall I cleaned my closet not long ago. I found a few things I don't use anymore/never used. To be honest, I didn't want to sell most of these things, but I forced myself to be abit realistic: When will I wear these items? Probably never. So yeah, I'm gonna sell a few things, most of which I bought during my time as gyaru.

About prices, shipping and sizes:
Everything is priced in Norwegian Krone (NOK). I recommend Xe.com's currency converter if you're used to another currency. Payments must are done through Paypal. For nordmenn går vanlig bankoverføring helt fint (faktisk foretrekker jeg det om du er norsk haha).

Everything is shipped from Norway. Ask for shipping costs.
NOTE: I can and will ship internationally, however the shipping prices might be a bit steep. Also, last time I sent something to America it took well above a month before it arrived. To other countries in Europe it takes about two weeks. Just so you know!

Tops are XS-S, bottoms are S-M. Some of these items are more or less stretchy. I can't take measurements as I don't even have a single ruler in my house at the moment, sorry! :swtdrop:

If you want better pictures/close ups/pictures of items worn, just ask! Click on the images to make the bigger:

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